Keypad or Card Reader: Which Access Control System is Right for My Business?

With modern advances in technology, your commercial property can be more secure than ever. Access control systems put the accessibility of your business right into your hands. Control who enters and exits your building with just a swipe on your iPad, monitor times your office is available to employees, and know where your workforce personnel is at all times.

The two main access control options for businesses are the keypad and card reader systems. Both offer specific advantages, and the best way to determine which option is right for you is to contact us at Loc-Doc, Inc. today.


The keypad access control system controls your entrance doors using a 1-6 digit PIN number system. Each employee is given a pin number that specifically identifies them in your entrance records. Each door lock can be a stand-alone option, or they can be interconnected to connect to your monitoring system. If you choose to connect them, you will be able to monitor exactly who and when they use their code in your building. This option usually works best when employees have access to only a few entrance doors.

Card Reader

The card reader access control system uses a card and a card reader to determine if a person is allowed access to your building. Like the keypad system, the readers can be linked together to a central monitoring system, or they are available in stand-alone options.   Each card is designed with a unique identifier, much like the PIN system, and most systems can handle up to 3,000 unique cards. Employees need only to scan their card to gain entrance. This system is often considered more convenient, but if a card is lost or stolen, it may present security concerns until the card can be deactivated.



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